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I used to have a through It had a bad customer service, lots of restrictions and was very old. At the same time I had and that’s where you are. It’s my website and my blog and I love it!

My books are on my website:

I have an individual page for each book! It has covers – animated and 3D. I love my sparkly covers. ^_^ You’ll also find book blurbs, prices and links to amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble.

I have a homepage for my books: Created it today, but hey! There needs to be a homepage for the three books. Will add fourth when I get the cover and an edited and finished book blurb! This is a central location for my readers to find all of my books. Hint hint – check out the book pages. 😉

Facebook group:

I have one! It took me a while to create one and it’s not as successful as my website/blog but hey! Go check it out! All of my blog posts are linked to the group so if you miss a post on my blog, you’ll find the links in my group. I also sometimes post other things than blog posts.


I’m on it. I didn’t want to be on it a couple of years ago, but then I gave in. I blame the media!

You can find me @Kernerangelina. I follow 298 individuals and have 530 followers and growing! It kind of makes me happy.

Links to my social media:

Here are my links! Facebook | Twitter | Website | Pinterest | Goodreads   Instagram If you guys think that I should be on something else, too, please let me know. I’ll consider it and maybe add a link to yet another social media profile! Instagram is a little different because it has some personal images – like baby toys, baby clothing, art, and shoes.

Email list:

Boy. I’m horrible with that one. I added a mailchimp sign up but only have 3 people signed up which is great! Thank you for signing up and hopefully more will which will make me think up on doing a cool newsletter. I’m still thinking on what to do with it! I’ll get back to you guys on that. I did, however, add links to my website on social media links so they would return to my website. Yey!

Author profile on Amazon:

I have one! However, I do need to add Follow the Snowflakes on there…for some reason it’s not showing up.

Links on my email signature:

Links to my books have been edited to my email signature, along with the links to my social media.

Here’s the hard truth. Once you become an author, you become a brand and you have to stamp it everywhere. I listed the places where I tried to stamp my brand and shared it with you guys.

Did you think of yourself as a brand before reading this? Organize your brand, you can do it similar to this and see what you have.

Until next time,


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