Planning the #pages after the story’s done #endofthebooks #ebooks #socialmedialinks

I haven’t really done this before, well other than the –About the author section.

This time, I’m adding links to my other books. For this section, I added “Contemporary fiction” category and “fantasy and adventure” category.

So, I have the pop-up window on my site to sign-up for my newsletter and this time I’m adding a link to the newsletter as well. Let’s see if that works!

You guys know that I’m on social media and now the readers will have an easier time to connect with me by clicking on the links inside the ebook. They would have to do more work on the paperback copy though. 😉

I really should have added these pages before and I don’t know why I didn’t. Maybe it was because I didn’t feel awesome enough to say  – “Hey follow me!” Maybe it was because I thought a book should end with a short biography of me and that’s it. Maybe it was because I was shy. Maybe, I’m becoming less shy with more books that I write?

Now, I need to come up with a page of me asking for a review. How do I do it?

Does this work?

Note from the Author:

Thank you for joining me in reading about Angel Svabodina solving her first magickal case. I hope you enjoyed her journey into the world of mafia and the in-between.

If you loved the book and have a minute to spare, I would really appreciate a short review on the site where you bought the book. Your help in spreading the word is greatly appreciated. Reviews from readers like you make a huge difference to helping new readers find stories like The Scented Bones.

Thank you!

Angelina Kerner

The book is on Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble.

Stalk me on Social Media

What else do I need to add at the end of the book? Do I add the keywords for readers to use in their reviews? If I do, how? Do you guys like sharing first chapter of the next book in the series?

Until next time,


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