A thank you to bloggers who helped The Scented Bones Cover Reveal a success!

R&R Book Tours
Thank you to Shannon!
She’s in charge of the book tours and this cover reveal. I’ve been singing her praises for a while and am always recommending her.
Shannon is a mother. Recently she went through a hard time with her daughter, but that’s been good for a while now! The little one is healthy! Whoo hooo. Shannon also recently got married. I’ve seen photos on her Instagram and the wedding could only be described as gorgeous. Wish I were there after seeing the photos hehe
She has a sharp eye and stars knows that she always responds and ummm we exchanged maybe too many emails lol
Thank you!

the voluptous
The Voluptuous Book Diva
A big thank you! Check out this blog, my awesome readers. It’s very pretty!
Laura has a passion for reading and promoting authors like me….well hopefully I was up to her standards after she saw my book cover! I think it’s really cool that she a mother of four and a grandmother of five. For those of you who love Harry Potter, she’s fit for Ravenclaw.
Jessica is a military wife – she must have stories! She has a 6 year old son, I may need to contact her on how to deal with little boys. My son is only 16 months old….ways to go for me! She’s a Hufflepuff.

Crystal’s Book World
This is a new blogger, at least for me ^_^ cause well she started blogging in 2016. I followed her right away! Thank you!

Crystal feels that the romance book community is like a second family which is fantastic! It’s a great emotion when you feel part of a community that deeply. Since her start, Crystal has reviewed many books and joined review teams. She knows a lot of people and can recommend quiet a few books. 😉 Ooo and she’s a mom of two boys. One is a handful…two…oh boy I need get in contact with her for advice. Yey! Her husband supports her a 100% which is just perfect. I love how couples can support each other like this. Good for Crystal!

If she can’t read a book, she may be able to promote it.

Banshee Irish Horror Blog
Thank you, Noelle!
So, here’s what’s different – she’s from Cork, Ireland. So awesome! And a little something about me – one of the first dances that I learned was Irish line dancing. I had so much fun dancing when I was a teen. Although, man my feet hurt after the performances! Haha.

So, Noelle needs to contact me after she’ll be close to getting her supernatural YA novel done. I would love to support her back. ^_^ Noelle takes care of this blog with her brother, James. *waves to James*

She likes scary stories so if you got any, try pitching it her to read.

Kim Knight
Thank you to Kim. Well this is exciting!  Kim is a fellow author. She writes thrillers and romantic suspense.
Oh boy, ummm where to start with her. She’s a mother of a toddler like me. She’s an award winning author and is an editor for  Conscious Talk Magazine.

Kim, as a reader is in love with romance, historical fiction, crime fiction, African-American, suspense and thriller genre books. Wow! She has lots of books to choose from! At present Kim is working on one novel and thinking about a steamy romance novella. I’m excited to see what she comes up with and would love to help promote in return.

She has a youtube channel so when you check out her website, check it out as well. ^_^

Just 4 My Books

Thank you, Lynne! She has purple hair…I think! Anyway, but I think that it’s awesome! That’s one color that doesn’t come out well on mine.

She’s from UK but lives in Spain since 2003. So cool! Her main job is being a translator. That’s probably one hard job. In her free time, she started writing in 2012 which is funny because she didn’t like English and Literature when she was in school. I bet many can say that which makes us an even a bigger awesome community. I didn’t like English class either.

So! Here’s the awesome piece about Lynne. She wrote a couple of stories that won in a couple of competitions. A couple were published in an anthology. So cool.

Port Jerricho
Thank you Aislynn d’Merricksson! Please don’t make me say the name out loud or I may butcher it… and for that – I apologize!!!
So, I checked out Aislynn’s ten things and WOW. She has a prosthetic eye. That is really cool… she may not agree with me about it….ummm moving on. She used to keep scorpions. I did say “Wow” right? And she once worked with with big cat cubs. I think Aislynn is a superstar!!! There’s a lot more cool stuff about her and I’m thankful that she chose to help me do the cover reveal.

Books, Reviews, Et Al by Shalini
Thank you to Shalini! Shalini actually helped out with helping me promote “Follow the Snowflakes, A Christmas Novella”!!! And she’s back with helping me out with “The Scented Bones!!!” It’s exciting.
Anyway. She’s a doctor, an anesthesiologist and been working in the medical field for the past 20 years. Three years ago, Shalini decided to check out her creative side and started to do a lot – blogging, writing, reviewing, beta reading and editing.
You can talk to Shalini about shopping! ^_^

J. Bronder Reviews
Jessica. A big thank you!
Jessica is a pro at helping me with promoting. I think ‘Deity’s Soulmate’ and ‘Follow the Snowflakes’ were a success because she was on the team. I’m super happy to have her back on the team. Jessica’s on the look out for a good story like all the time which is good for authors like me, he he.
Jessica is the blogger for you if you’re looking for a blogger that will read with the energy that you had when writing the book. The best part – she’s a cat lady and has photos of her cats on her website. Check out other books that she has reviewed!

The Most Sublime

Thank you, Nia!  I think it’s amazing that reading to her tri-colour collie pup started her blogging career in 2015. Her dog is gorgeous!!!

Nia lives in New Wales with her awesome husband! So cool. She’s exploring options for diversifying her blog so it wouldn’t only be book reviews. Again, awesome and I guess cover reveals helps. 😉

Sinfully Wicked Reviews

Thank you to Robyn!!! Love the logo.

Robyn is from New Jersey. ^_^ I’ve never been but I heard it’s a good place to visit. Robyn got hooked on reading a book by Beatrice Small at the age of eighteen. That’s amazing. Oh to be an author like that would make my day! Ha ha.

Robyn’s favorite genre is romance – historical romance, contemporary, erotica, and romantic suspense. Reads other genre’s like thrillers, psychological thrillers, mystery, horror, Dystopian, and New Adult. Here’s the awesome part – Robyn has 5 dogs and 7 cats!!!!! Sooo coool! Probably lots of cleaning time lol

The Cozy Pages

Thank you, Nina!!!

I’ve had a pleasure exchanging pleasantries with this awesome blogger. ^_^ There’s 3 things that we have in-common that makes me wonder if Nina is a Pisces – reading, daydreaming, writing, and coffee. Nina loves happy endings! Me too!

Nina is super nice and has a really nice blog with nice fonts! Check her blog out and say hi. You guys can talk about make-believe people. 😉

Didi Oviatt
A big thank you to Didi. So, I actually had a pleasure to read one of her published works.
She’s a great person, writer, and friend. I’m super happy that she’s on board helping me do the cover reveal.
So, did you guys know that Didi was named the ‘wild child’ at her high school – twice! That’s like really awesome. I never got any nicknames in high school, besides Angel.
Didi can’t miss her morning coffee. Well, I’m jealous. lol

Moonstruck Reviews
Thank you Sheritta! I actually met Sheritta through Facebook. She was one of the first authors that I met on there. ^_^
“Sheritta Bitikofer is an author of eclectic tastes.” – Sheritta.
While reading her bio on her blog, I laughed because I do the same thing – take off my shoes at work and walk without them. It’s JUST so much easier! LOL Oh, and I’m jealous of her bio – it’s written really well. 😉
She’s married and has two dogs. Sheritta is an author of paranormal fiction. When it comes to romance, she tries not only showing physical attraction, but also the emotion. Now, that’s a keeper.

Ali the Dragon Slayer

Thank you to Ali for being part of the cover reveal! Look at that logo – sooo cool!

Ali posts relevant information on Leiomyosarcoma, competitions, books, and reviews.


She is a really strong person and had some really difficult time in April. She broke both of her legs due to cancer that spread to the bones. She’s really amazing and it’s a huge pleasure for her to be willing to share my cover.

I send her happy thoughts and prayers for health.


13 Comments on “A thank you to bloggers who helped The Scented Bones Cover Reveal a success!

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  2. Thanks for the mention Angelina, it was a pleasure to be involved in the cover reveal. I’ll be sure to keep in touch and I’ll keep you posted on my novel!


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  4. Oh wow Angelina… this is such an awesome thank you! Thank you!!! Lol
    I’m not a Pisces but I am another water sign… Cancer 😉
    Two of my three sons are Pisces though. So yeah, I know all about managing a toddler boy! All the best with further promotions!


  5. Such a great tribute to your cover reveal bloggers! I hope today was a wonderful success, and I can’t wait to read your new book! Congrats my dear on another exciting release! 🙂


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