A thank you to Bill Daily for bringing Roger Healey in the popular 1960s sitcom “I Dream of Jeannie,” alive

A day ago, the actor – Bill Daily passed away at 91.

After I watched Bewitched, I checked out I dream of Jeannie and I loved Roger Healey. He was a good character – funny, intelligent, cute. I only seen the show when I was in my twenties so I didn’t grow up with the show, but I have seen the show maybe 3 times all the way through! My mother and I would watch it together and we need to watch it again! It was that or Bewitched when it came to American shows for her and I didn’t mind it not one bit. I still don’t mind. It’s nice to watch these shows. ^_^

Bill Dailey – you’ll be missed but remembered as funny Roger Healey….at least for me. Thank you for being awesome!



Bill’s the one with the hat!


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