Foster an Author: Interview Questions ~part two~

Part two of the interview! Woot woot!

Thank you for stopping by and keeping up with the Foster An Author Week!!! It means the world


Hello everybody!! How is everyone doing today? Well so far on Monday we’ve had our story: Two Authors and a Blogger… Tuesday we had our first set of interview questions, and yesterday we had our getting to know you post about our authors. Today I’m giving you the second set of questions that our lovely authors answered for me! So sit back drink a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and enjoy! 🙂

Angelina’s interview questions:

1) What kind of research do you do now and how long do you spend researching before you begin writing a book?

At the moment, I’m researching locations and their histories along with reading osteology books. I write at the same time I research so I don’t lose ideas.

2) What is the most difficult thing about writing about the opposite sex?

Well, thinking up dialogue. Would a guy say this? Does…

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