#Facebook parties – the good and the bad

Today, I want to talk to you all about Facebook parties.

So, far I’ve been part of author parties, children books party, and make-up. I have to say, I got free and discounted things which is all good and all but here’s something that you need to be aware of.

There’s pressure on the person who’s hosting and who’s attending. And, pressure on the person behind the host.

The hosting party usually has an incentive to have that party – they get a small gift right of the bat and they will get more awesome thank you gifts AFTER the attending people spend up to a certain amount – $150 and maybe even $200. Now, that’s pressure. Hint- That’s too much.

People invite their friends and those friends expect to have fun not spend a lot of their paycheck. The person hiring the host and the hostee need to be reasonable. All friends want the host to succeed and they will spend money if they do like the items, but since they never really heard of your company, to expect for friends to buy for that amount….how many hosts succeed? Make the price $50. That’s doable. If you want, add a second level of prize for the host, and make second level a $100. The host is doing you the favor and sometimes the host’s friend who actually works for you…it’s a chain. Be reasonable.

It’s easier for author parties because no one has to spend that much money to enjoy it. Those are so far my favorite. Readers may need to sign-up to receive newsletters and such, but so much less pressure.

What I like about these parties is that there are games. As an adult, I hardly get to play games so these games make me excited. I get to meet new people, have conversations, and maybe get 10% discount on a book.

Prizes! Besides, getting discounts and free books, people can win prizes that are more than just discounts. Sometimes, those prizes are huge – a new kindle, an amazon gift card, several free e-books, make-up brushes…. and sometimes those prizes are disappointing.

I have recently won a grand prize at a party which was actually really disappointing. Not going to say what it was, but it actually turned me off from the parties. Yes, I know that I’m not into parties for the prizes, but when you earn a prize, you’re not expecting to be disappointed. You’re expecting to be excited. I don’t like being pushed left and right into hosting a party to get free things. I want to want to a host a party, but if I’m being pushed, I get mad. You guys understand, right?

Anyway, if you’re hosting a party for someone – a company or an author, make sure that people won’t be pushed into participating and or hosting parties themselves. Oh, sometimes as a host, you have to pay the company. And, remember to have prizes that people would be excited about. If during a game, one can win something that discounts one amount and the grand prize is lower than that….common on! How is that a grand prize?

For book parties and events – authors have been the best in my book. Authors put up e-books, signed copies, gift cards, and jewelry. No disappointment there at all. Just remember that besides the prizes that you’re going to offer, to post awesome posts. I love reading things about authors and or items. Have you seen those pretty make-up images that get posted in some parties? So shiny and awesome. Others add videos…oh I love videos about books. So cool.

Am I getting off track? Anyway, there’s a lot that goes into a party for all individuals involved. Be respectful. Have fun. Join in. Participate. Don’t participate. Just be respectful about it. Your friend invited you, show support in the best way that you can.

Also, Facebook doesn’t have anything to do with the parties, it’s just where they happen.

What experience have you had with Facebook parties?

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