Talking with strangers about books at My Facebook Group @AngelinaKernerFiction

So, I ask my Lyft drivers (so far), planning to ask more, this question – “What was the last book that you read?”

So far, I have received 4 answers… okay 3. One of the Lyft drivers didn’t speak English –

  1. “I think it was about this guy who knew Castro. It was years ago.”
  2. “Sabertooth and lots of books on bee keeping. I’ve been a bee keeper for 7 years.”
  3. “I don’t read…. the Bible. Books make my sleepy.”

Based on my short conversations, I ask you a question at the end- like “Was there a book that made you sleepy?”

For more of my short conversations about books, visit my Facebook group. Answer my questions and have a laugh while you’re at it. ^_^



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