Book Release: Crash by Chelsea Handock


Congrats to Chelsea Handock! Her new book released last week. Look at that hot cover! 


Book Title: Crash: Ruthless Bastards crashgif

Publication Date: May 31

Genre: Military Romance

Book Blurb:

Ryker “Crash” St. John doesn’t believe in relationships. He has seen the devastating cost of having one and wants no part of it. Crash doesn’t do strings, but for a friend, someone he thought was special, he was willing to bend his rules slightly, but she left. Determined to live his life the way he wants, Crash is surprised when everything comes back full circle… well, sort of. Different chick and messed up circumstances, but he finds he is the one who wants strings, and she is the one who wants nothing to do with them.

Braya Collins lives a very sedate life. She gets up every day, goes to work at the preschool she runs, then goes home… rinse and repeat, day after day. At one point, she thought that life was her rebellion from her over-controlling mother and what she coined her social responsibilities. Now, she realizes she was hiding, just in a different way. When her step-sister comes up missing, and a letter is delivered to Braya, asking her to take it to Ryker St. John, she does it immediately not realizing how much that one request will change her life.

Reluctantly, Crash and Braya join forces and set off on a journey that knocks them both for a loop. Past hurts and betrayals come to the surface. Danger lurks around every corner. Every second counts. They can’t give up, or someone they care about will be lost.

The only question left is, when all the dust settles, what will be left? Will these two opposites make it, or is the attraction just a product of their situation?


Book Warning:

Explicit love scenes and naughty language. Intended for mature audiences. This book is part of a series and can be read as a standalone although to get full enjoyment, it is suggested you read in series order, starting with Whiskey: RBMC Book 1


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