Book Review: Shattered Destinies (Destined To Be Lovers saga Book 2)

Book TitleShattered Destinies (Destined To Be Lovers saga Book 2)sd

Book Author: Suzanne Nemec

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

Oh my stars!!! As you guys know that’s my phrase for Oh my god. You can find it in my writing everywhere. Suzanne has wrote a hit with this one. She has gone far since book 1. There’s more emotional connection between our favorite lovers, new characters and more of my favorite character – Merlin. He’s one cheeky fellow. This book is a roller coaster of a ride that one may even want to reread. People nowadays don’t reread books but I think readers will reread this one. There’s more lessons from Josh and a LOT more sexiness. Book 3 is in the works. You guys won’t know what hit you when you get to the ending. Remember to yell at Suzanne to get out book 3 ASAP.

For readers 21+ for mature sexual content. Have a good unicorn day!

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