on july 31

Hello authors! I’m organizing an Instagram Hop. It’s $10 per author or blogger. You can also ask any questions and message me on Facebook @angelinakerner. This is a fundraiser for the Sinners and Saints Anthology. Much appreciated. Join, meet new authors and gain followers on Instagram!

Before the hop, I will email you the Instagram image post and associated text. Use the image I provide. You can’t use your own. Also, I’ll provide the text. I will leave () in place where you will fill in the author Instagram Handles and any text associated with your giveaway.

Please send the $10 to srodriguez743@yahoo.com! In the form’s comment’s section, please provide your Instagram handle and Transaction ID of your PayPal payment.


NOTE: PLEASE SEND THE FEE AS FRIENDS THROUGH PAYPAL. PayPal takes a a fee of $2.50 if you choose (goods and services). Please do as friends. Thank you.


One Comment on “The #instahop is on July 31. Book bloggers and authors sign up! Make new friends and gain readers.

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