Book Review: Forgotten Hills

Book Title: Forgotten Hills 

Book Author: Renee Lake

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

Stars, this woman knows how to write. It’s a rare treat for me to read her books and this was amazing. I can’t really say why because that would be a story spoiler BUT, oh my stars, it rocked. I always have a thing for the underdog, even when he’s made to be not an underdog in a lot of cases, but I always like it when someone receives love when usually they don’t. I have no idea if that makes sense so you should just grab your copy and read. It has romantic moments, family moments, all types of relationships from guy and girl to gay and abuse. If you were abused, you may have a hard time reading this book but it’s nice to see that the character was healing and getting better. The emotions in this book are raw, powerful. It’s a fantastic read for the spooky season.

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