Book Title: The Witch Hunter

Book Title: The Witch Hunter

Book Author: Candace Adams

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

Warning – triggers and empaths may have problems reading this book.

Taryn gets sent back in time to learn a lesson about witch hunters of the past by a witch who survived the witch trials and still lived on to this day. Taryn falls in love with the witch hunter and both have different views on the matter of women, trials, and killings. Matthew, John, and Sarah are all people from history brought into a fantastic piece of fiction. I do say, John as he was written was absolutely perfect. I really hated him so much that in a dream last night, the women whom he said were witches got their revenge on him. The fear in his eyes made me smile. I think the author did a terrific job showing views from different people of different time periods and how everything happened. While reading, I had a feeling of who will get what and still wondering about Harold. His reaction at the book made me think he understood about his life more than he was letting on to the outsiders who came to his town to get rid off evil witches.

This book is an emotional roller coaster and not for everyone. A lot of bad things that actually happened during the real witch hunts happened in the book and may be hard to swallow. However, the book was so well written, if you start the story, you would want to finish it.

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