Into the Flames won an award!

Into the Flames by Angelina Kerner received an Honorable Mention in the Fantasy/Science Fiction genre!

#phoenixes #reincarnation #revenge #enemies #paranormalromance #theheartgames #withtheasnucrystalblessings 

So, I bet you have a friend or a family member who can take forever to try on clothing. I have a sister. And, let’s just say a normal person would get mad and maybe even walk out of the store. I mean come on … 40 minutes??? But, I’m an author and so I used the time wisely to come up with the book. ^_^ 

And, look what came about! An Award! I’m really happy to share this awesome news with you!

Author – Angelina Kerner / Illustrator – Evgeniya Gromilina

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