Hello! Today with us we have the amazing L.D. Wosar! *Applause*

Angelina: Introduce yourself please.

L.D. Wosar: Hey there! I am L.D. Wosar, from Las Vegas, NV for close to twenty years. I predominantly write PNR from YA to a bit more steamy fare.

Angelina: Did someone inspire you to become an author?

L.D. Wosar: My fifth grade teacher, Mr. Blevins, inspired me to become an author starting with brainstorming sessions. This led to my love of telling tall, ridiculous tales that became on obsession to write on anything I could find. If I had a story, I told it.

Angelina: How long does it take for you to write a story?

L.D. Wosar: It depends. My first published book, Island Stream, took me 35 years. The shortest amount for a couple of my books was 2 weeks. It depends on if I feel the story, as to how long it will take me to write it.

Angelina: Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

L.D. Wosar: I have a very vivid imagination, so a lot of my ideas will hit me when I doing something random…mostly, when I am supposed to be sleeping.

Angelina: What does your family think of your writing?

L.D. Wosar: My family is very supportive, though, sadly, none of them, except my brother and sister-in-law, have read my books.

Angelina: How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

L.D. Wosar: To date, I have written and published 27 of my stories – either solo or anthologies. My top three solo books I have written are Jagged Little Hood, Relic and most recently, Chrome Poppies.

Angelina: Who’s your favorite character you created?

L.D. Wosar: Kaysee Marie Belluomo from my Belluomo Vampy Saga. She is crass, she is foul but she’s tough and such a fun character.

Angelina: Who’s your least favorite character you created?

L.D. Wosar: My least favorite has to be the first female I ever wrote and that was Emily Coates. I tried to find ways to torture her or even kill her when I was writing Island Stream. She was stupid, very wishy washy and in my opinion, boring.

Angelina: Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

L.D. Wosar: I do hear from a small handful of my readers and what they comment on is how much they like my writing style.

Angelina: What do you think makes a good story?

L.D. Wosar: Strong characters for one. If the characters are weak or comparable to cardboard cutouts, there would be nothing to drive the story. Also, suspense makes a good story and I am one who loves to write twists.

Angelina: Tell us about your WIP.

L.D. Wosar: I have three I am working on, but the one I want to talk more about is Flawed Incubus: Mystic Angels Book 1. It is a rewrite since the original was kind of a mess and my head was not in it. I have teamed with my good friend and talented co-author, Nikita Fairchild, to write the series centered on Wilhelmina ‘Willa’ Chambers and what she learns on her journey of becoming a powerful force that could either destroy hell or bring balance to both Heaven and Hell.

Angelina: Thank you for hanging out with us. Please share your social links where readers can follow you. 

L.D. Wosar:

See you next Friday with next Author – Mary R. Woldering!

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