Angelina Monday – How does my writing stand out from others?

Good Morning!

Hmm. I asked myself a really tough question, but hey I want you guys to get to know me lol

English isn’t my native tongue, so my thinking and some phrases in my books may sound foreign. And, rather than just sticking to ‘what I know’, I tend to explore characters who may be a tad different.

Some examples –

  • A blind college student
  • A fox shifter
  • A bear shifter who can’t shift
  • A Korean Male Lead falling for a German-American Lead
  • A woman losing the ability to speak due to trauma
  • A woman falling for a man with tentacles
  • A witch forensic anthopologist
  • A vampire who wants love but doesn’t want this sisters to torture his lover

Thanks to trying to think outside the box, I had to really step out of my comfort zone.

  • I bought books on military, and nonfiction books on mafia
  • I spoke with partially blind readers and had them be betas to see if I wrote well
  • I reached out to my Korean friends for support and help with my Korean and to make sure I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings
  • I reached out to people who are experienced in certain areas like – kayaking
  • I reached out to psychologists to talk about on how to heal patients due to voice loss
  • I reached out to Japanese communities to learn about Kami and foxes
  • I explored Korean, Japanese, Slavic, German, American shops
  • Rather than just focusing on the craft of writing, I explored possibilities of adding art and maps to my stories. All maps are created by me. Characters drawings done by various artists.
  • I bought books in various genres to improve for my own writing

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