Angelina Monday – What’s my morning routine?

Besides, taking care of the family and pulling them out of bed, think Freaky Friday movie, I start my day with a cup of coffee.

Sadly, my coffee pat has been acting up and it’s going through a cleaning process, so I end up drinking instant coffee. The current instant coffee on hand is – Jacobs.

I really don’t add usually anything to the coffee because I am trying to work on my body. Being fit is important for health and a peace of mind, but if I do have some chocolate milk, I add in a bit for an extra flavor.

While, I wait for the pot to boil water, I open up my email and go through if there’s anything important. I answer messages from fellow authors, and focus on what I need to do in the day.

I usually don’t write in the mornings. My favorite time to write is after 3 p.m.

Yeah, my mornings are boring, but I never miss having a cup of coffee or else I become grouchy. LOL

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