Angelina Monday – My first book and how I’ve grown since then

It’s embarrassing to talk about, but at the same time, you need to know just how much I grew as an author.

Deity’s Soulmate is my first published book. The left cover is edition 1, the green is edition 2, and finally the last version of the story is cover 3.

I wrote this story when I was hanging out with other writers on a collaboration website (which no longer exists). The fellow writers and readers on the site, loved it so much, I decided to publish it. It was a big mistake because all I heard was praise and no – you have a lot of grammar mistakes…. oi!

Once the bad reviews started pouring in, I learned my first lesson – use an editor who’s not your friend, but a professional editor. Get a proofreader. Find alpha and beta readers. Start an ARC team. With the hard lesson learned, I unpublished it and published edition 2, however, many still weren’t happy with the book, although a lot of readers did say I’ve gotten better and the story is fascinating.

Years later, after the second edition has been promoted and I’ve wrote and published many more stories, I realized I stopped promoting it. I wasn’t sure why I stopped promoting it and it made me sad. I didn’t want to be embarrassed over my very first published work. I wanted to be able to share it with pride. So, I sat down, went through another round of edits and hired my current editor to work on it once more.

I also changed the title and cover. Many readers had a problem pronouncing the title and I decided to make things easier. Also, many like to see models on covers so I switched routes from art to a model based cover.

I am no longer embarrassed over this book and happy for readers to pick it up to read!!!

Now, I have 16 published works with many WIP’s in the works! I get better with each story and I’m proud to be an author.

Grab your copy at –

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