Angelina Monday – What’s one of my hobbies when I’m not writing?

Good Morning!

Can you take a guess?




Hmm. One of my hobbies is bellydancing!

Yes, that’s me! I’ve been a dancer since high school age and tried everything from tap to bellydance. I love to dance. If there’s music playing in a store, while I shop, I shimmy my hips and hum. It just feels so good to move my body to a beat.

This is one of the reasons why you may see a dance or two in my books. In Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted, my characters Waltz! I’ve performed waltz on a stage with a troupe and danced it in competitions. Bellydancing- I practice at home, performed at bars, restaurants, and at car shows. All great experiences.

I tried playing several musical instruments, but from my point of view, reading notes is hell…. so I dance as a hobby.

Were you surprised?

What’s one of your hobbies?

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