Book Cover Contest Update

Hi everyone,

Today is the last day to turn in your entries of my book cover.

Contest Rules

I have received two entries- one from my sister (she had no choice) and one from Inna. I will share the covers with all of you tomorrow, but there’s still time for you send me your book cover, today until midnight PST!

As a reminder here is what you get if I liked your cover.


The winner will be named as the illustrator for the novel and will appear as the illustrator on Amazon, Goodreads and on other sites.

The winner will have a profile section on my website. See what I did for Deity’s Soulmate at Illustrator and Editors for Deity’s Soulmate

There will be a blog entry on Word Press about the winner and the book cover itself. Will also be twitted about.

A free printed copy of the novella and a thank you card.

Comment if you are still working on the cover or going to make one today. You can send me a message and I’ll let you know where you need to send it to.


Thank you!

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