Book Cover Contest!

Hey Everyone!

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For my novella, I am looking to have a fantastic eye-catching book cover… so I decided to create a contest. If you are interested in participating, please leave a comment and or send me a message. That way I will know if there will be any entries. I have a back up plan if no one enters so it’s all good, the novella will still be published and available for your reading pleasure.

Here are the rules:

  1. Needs to be turned in by July 10.
  2. Book Cover needs to have:
    1. A Title: Seven Hours
    2. A subtitle: A novella
    3. Author’s name: Angelina Kerner
    4. Illustrator’s name: Your name
    5. A back Cover:
      1. With this text: One pill every 7 hours, could give Chanel the chance to finally see the world around her. Chanel is a independent nineteen year old, despite what her overprotective mother and senator father may think. Being the daughter of a senator comes with it’s own problems, a simple afternoon out with friends soon becomes overwhelming when reporters swarm around Chanel.Keeping her secret of the effects pills close to her chest she is able to fool everyone, expect  for her hawk eye bodyguard that has now been assigned to protect her.Chanel doesn’t want a bodyguard, but will she get more than she bargained for?
      2. Room for quotes from editor, book bloggers which will be added at a later time.
    6. Please portray 4 characters
      1. Chanel: 19 year old girl. She has short blonde hair and blind eyes. Preferably with headphones on if outside or in her room.
      2. Shadow figures of a girl and two guys (one guy has a diamond earring)- The reason for not drawing them out like Chanel is because she doesn’t know how they look like.
        1. example: shadow
      3. Please try to keep minimal of white background. Have them be outside or inside a bowling alley. Be creative and have fun.



The winner will be named as the illustrator for the novel and will appear as the illustrator on Amazon, Goodreads and on other sites.

The winner will have a profile section on my website. See what I did for Deity’s Soulmate at Illustrator and Editors for Deity’s Soulmate

There will be a blog entry on Word Press about the winner and the book cover itself. Will also be twitted about.

A free printed copy of the novella and a thank you card.

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