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Brainstorming #keywords for my latest #book @kernerangelina

My latest book is a New Adult paranormal crime fiction. Literature and fiction Mystery Suspense Crime Organized crime Family saga Mafia underworld La Cosa Nostra Metaphysical Visionary Supernatural When do you start brainstorming keywords? Before you finish writing or after? If after you finish… Continue Reading “Brainstorming #keywords for my latest #book @kernerangelina”

Get to know me weekend part 3

The last 20 facts about me for the weekend! My favorite shows are the X-files, Suits, Numbers, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeanie, Teen Wolf, That Girl, Psyche, 21 Jump Street, Life, How I met your mother, Bones, Buffy the Vampire… Continue Reading “Get to know me weekend part 3”

Get to know me weekend part 2

The weekend continues. Yesterday I shared 20 facts about me. Here’s 20 more. My favorite soda is Cherry Coke or ginger ale. My favorite food during pregnancy was French Fries. When I was in the car and we were about to pass Carls Jr.… Continue Reading “Get to know me weekend part 2”

Get to know me weekend starts now ^_^

I bet that most of you who read my blog posts, know me as a book blogger. However, I’m not just a book blogger, I’m an author first… well second cause first I’m a mother to an 8 month old little boy.  If you… Continue Reading “Get to know me weekend starts now ^_^”

Deity’s Soulmate has Readers’ Favorite sticker!

As a happy author, I can easily say, “Whoo hoo!” Readers’ Favorite reviewers have been fantastic! And with their awesome reviews, I was able to receive that shiny sticker which is now on all of the printed copies that I have. Those copies are… Continue Reading “Deity’s Soulmate has Readers’ Favorite sticker!”

I’m on instagram

Yey? Proof: Follow me on Instagram and I’ll follow back. For those of you celebrating Easter, today I’m going to go to church to get the food blessed. Will take a couple of photos and post! Goal: Learn to use Instagram successfully!

Great News

Hey everyone, I’m not going to apologize for disappearing on you guys, mainly for one big reason. I’m a new Mother! Last week, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Now, I won’t post any of photos of him, yet, because, I want… Continue Reading “Great News”

My music influence

Happy Friday everyone, Today, I want to bring up a sort of a personal topic. I hardly ever get personal but for whatever reason, it’s the new year and I want to share my music experience with you. I came to Unites States when… Continue Reading “My music influence”

Release Day of Seven Hours

Hi Everyone! I’m happy to share with you that the paperback edition of Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted is available on Amazon. Currently, the Kindle version is being published by KDP Select and it’s going to take about 72 hours for the amazon page to… Continue Reading “Release Day of Seven Hours”

Cover Reveal: Seven Hours

Releasing August 1, 2016, SEVEN HOURS  is my first novella and hopefully not the last. Dear Readers and Fellow Bloggers, As many of you know, a couple of weeks ago, I created a contest for the cover. I have received two entries – one from… Continue Reading “Cover Reveal: Seven Hours”