Get to know me weekend starts now ^_^

Angelina Kermer

I bet that most of you who read my blog posts, know me as a book blogger. However, I’m not just a book blogger, I’m an author first… well second cause first I’m a mother to an 8 month old little boy. PGPE1924

If you knew that I’m an author and mother (you probably paid attention to the site’s image at the top which is great! But, other than that you don’t know me much. Hmm. We would have to remedy this, this weekend.

So, let’s see where do I start?

  1. I miss ballroom dancing.
  2. I’m a Pisces and that means something. If you guys know anything about Pisces is that they are dreamers, well no wonder I decided to be an author on the side to my day job. 😉
  3. I’m 5’7″. When I was a dancer that MATTERED so much. It was hard to find dance partners to be taller than me, especially when I was wearing high heels, but I still had fun dancing ballroom.
  4. I really dislike one nickname- Angie. I don’t know why but when people call me that, I get irritated and sometimes don’t respond.
  5. I’m a fan of Microsoft but had to buy me a Mac…mainly so I could learn how to create apps.
  6. I hate liars.
  7. I have two sisters and one brother.
  8. I used to have 6 cats. One passed away two years ago in August and one passed away this August. Both were black cats. IMG_3106IMG_3128I miss them very much!
  9. I don’t have a TV…well I do but I turned it into a computer. Too much of a hassle to set up channels…stupid with what they did with those little boxes. I use Amazon Prime and or other providers to watch movies and shows. I recently just caught up on Game of Thrones…all 7 seasons.
  10. I have never played Angry Birds, Candy Crush, or Pokemon in any form.
  11.  My favorite drink is coffee and I haven’t had coffee since December because of being pregnant and then breastfeeding. After I finish breastfeeding for good, the first that I’ll do is get a coffee! Are there are any new coffee shops that I should check out?
  12. I love puzzles! They are just so much fun…it takes a long time to find the pieces but can be a family thing…though my family only helps me when I have twenty pieces left EVERY time!
  13. I have a dream of organizing everything in boxes and or labeling everything but that will never happen and even if it would, it would only last a day!
  14. There’s a song that is stuck in my head and it’s about numbers. Courtesy of my son who likes listening to songs about numbers! Here’s the link to his  favorite and yes, it’s in Russian. 
  15. I try to do things that I love.
  16. Each book that I’m working on has its own folder on the desktop and folders within that folder.
  17. For backing up files, I email myself and sometimes my mother so she could keep a copy for me.
  18. I don’t miss the taste of alcohol.
  19. I hate shrimp…mainly because some buy shoved one down my throat to force me to try it. That was in high school. Yuck! That killed our friendship.
  20. No more ice cream for me. Some milk products make me sick…so sad!


That was 20 facts about me, Angelina Kerner- a mother, author, and blogger.

I would love to hear something about you. Leave a comment. ^_^

Angelina Kerner


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