Book Review: Forever Charmed (Halloween LaVeau #1)

Book Title: Forever Charmed (Halloween LaVeau #1) hallie


Book Author: Rose Pressey

Source: Downloaded free Kindle book from Amazon.

Rating: 4 Dragon Paws 4


This is another great one that is available on Amazon to download for free about witches, vampires, covens, and something called the Underworld. What drew me to the book was the main heroine, Hallie or Halloween. I’m not sure how she is, but I do know that Rose made her easy to relate to. It was a first time for me to read about a witch who was bad with magic so it was a new experience.

Hallie inherits her grandmother’s house, which she turns into a bed and breakfast. Soon after, she gets three visitors, and all of them are hiding things from her. And, only one of them paid for the room so Hallie didn’t even make any real money off of them. Besides inheriting the house, she inherits three books which create a whole new turn in her life. Basically, I really liked the story.

The story is written well, with interesting twists, and hot men. However, the reason why I did not give it a five dragon paw rating was because it was a little slow for me. There was a moment that probably we all were waiting for, to meet Mara and that zoomed fast. I didn’t think that it would be that easy and expected to see more of her, though, maybe we will be in the next books. I am interested in buying the rest of the books in the series ($3.99 on Kindle), but not right away.

I highly recommend to the readers  (18+ years) who have an interest in paranormal romance, witches, and spooky houses with secrets.

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