Book Review: Arrival at Portal Island: The first mystery book in the Civilization Hunt series

Title: Arrival at Portal Island: The first mystery book in the Civilization Hunt seriesciv

Author: Attila Benő

Source: Bought Kindle book through Amazon.

My Rating : 3.5 Dragon Prints 3.5

Our main character, Michael, gets an invite to a mysterious island where he learns about monuments, a castle, a barn, and that civilizations disappeared from the location without a trace.

It was really fun to follow Michael around over the island and hear his crazy ideas. However, he was really stupid when he met a man, the impostor, and let him go on his way. It was surprising because Michael seemed to me to have a head on his shoulders and when the stranger did not say, “Oh you must be Michael,” that should have been a heads up, but I guess for the story line to continue, Michael had to be less perfect so it’s forgiven. So, it was really fun to hear the theories by Michael and the kid, who’s name I can’t write because his brother has a similar name. That was more fun to read than just focusing on how to get through the portal.

I don’t play video games, but I’ve seen a series where a hidden program was hidden behind a 90’s game so this graphic novel reminded me of the show. This was my first experience reading a story that reminded me of a video game which was nice because it was more about the dialogue and not the characters. We already have a clear view on how they look like which leaves us room to create our own theories about the portal and that’s me approving of the style considering that I’m not a fan of video games.

Overall, I believe that Attila did a terrific job and I can see how much work went into it, probably a lot more than into a novella because of the graphics and so many scenes.

It was a pleasure following Michael and watching the ghost of the castle. That was my favorite part.

Arrival at Portal Island is a fun read if you don’t think about the archaeology aspect because I didn’t find anything remotely archaeological which is why I gave the graphic novel a 3.5 dragon prints. I recommend this novel to graphic book lovers.



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