Book Review: Bound by Steel

Title: Bound by Steel Snip20160902_21

Author: Connie Lafortune

Source: Received as a Kindle Gift for a honest review.

My Rating : 3.5 Dragon Prints 3.5

Our main heroine, Lyra, gets into an accident, gets for the lack of a better work kidnapped, and falls in love with the man that won’t let her go. A lot of events unfold that happen during her ‘captivity’ and after.

It was really hard for me to read this novel. I am not used to read novels that happen in present tense. My proofreader told me that fiction writing should be done in the past tense so I’ve been focusing on my craft and learning on how to better myself in past tense though sometimes it’s hard. Therefore, it was hard for me to follow because I kept wanting to rewrite it to make it a past tense.

Here’s what I liked and I started liking the novel after she no longer was in ‘captivity.’ Mainly it was because there was less of dirty talk and explicit detailed sex scenes and the story started to unfold. In the first chapters, I’ve been wondering what made it a suspense and I finally got it after I finished reading. In the beginning, the writing is erotic and later it becomes more of a romance, which I prefer reading.

I really liked the characters, including Lyra’s best friend. I wish I had a friend like that. ^_^

I really liked Cole and was sad to see that we hardly saw of him. I didn’t get a full view into his character. I’m not sure how to feel about Gage or Ryder either, but I did like Lyra. My favorite character was Cody. That dog was adorable! And too smart!

The story flowed nicely. The time kept moving forward at a nice pace and I enjoyed reading the last chapters. The ending was really sweet.

I would recommend this novel to eighteen years and older who don’t mind detailed private scenes, cursing, and love triangles.

21 thoughts on “Book Review: Bound by Steel

      1. Barely anyone was reading the story, and I got tired of updating it for an online audience. If readers were really interested, they would have commented. I guess I got tired of writing for people who didn’t appreciate all the work I was putting into it.


      2. I’m sorry. I was getting back into it. Last couple of months my health and my online course took over my life so it was hard to concentrate on deep writing like yours. That’s my excuse anyway.

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      3. Please don’t apologize; you did nothing wrong 🙂 I decided it’s best for me to focus on improvement and getting publishing credentials than updating stories online.

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