Book Review: Forward

Book Title: Forward forward

Book Author: J. Saman

Source: Received it as gift from the author for an honest review.

Rating: 4 Dragon Paws 4

This is a contemporary romance novel about a girl named Lara, who finds herself at a crossroads. She has two choices- to be with her current, amazing, and perfect British boyfriend Tom, or to go back to her first ‘real’ love from high school Levi. Lara is forced to go through many emotions until finally making her choice. It was refreshing to read about Tom, he’s a different male character from my usual reads which put a smile on my face. Lara is also a different type of heroine that has no filter, is a nurse, and has many ambitions. She was a refreshing one, too.
This is a novel for ages eighteen and over. It has explicit language, mature scenes, and touches base upon matters of the heart. It has nice pacing and for me, my choice would be Tom. I won’t say who her choice could be, but there you have it. I recommend this book to romance lovers.

11 thoughts on “Book Review: Forward

      1. Well, if I said anymore, that would be telling. ^_^

        I can tell you that after she learned the truth about Levi, the guy from seven years ago, she realized that she still loved him and that Levi started to confuse her- mixed signals and all. And that’s after she made one of her big decisions, especially since she got a new iphone and ipad… *sighs*

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