Book Review: Releasing her Dragon

Book Title: Releasing her Dragondragon

Book Author: Elianne Adams

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

Finding a mate is important and her mate kept running until he heard her song where she sang of releasing him. It’s a fast paced short read and I found this novel listed on the Back List category on Goodreads. I find soul mates and mates interesting so I figured, why not? It has romance (for 21 and older), soul mates and most importantly is that the soul mates are dragons. If you’re looking for an erotic short read that involves dragons, I would recommend you read it. The ending is sweet and made me smile. Good for Stella.

Also I like the cover. ^_^

Oh and I believe the author’s point was to make it a short read, though I believe it would have been a better read if there was mote chase in the beginning, background stories on the lovers, and more about Brysen’s job.


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