Book Review: Waking the Dragon

Book Title: Waking the Dragon dragon

Book Author: Susan Day

Source: Was gifted by the author for an honest review

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

Proceeds from the sale of this book and others in the series go to animal welfare shelters so that all pets have a warm bed, plenty of food and lots of cuddles.” – Susan Day

If there is any time to spend money on books, it’s when proceeds go to a good cause so go and buy it! Available on Amazon.

This is story 10 of the series and you do not need to read the other books to enjoy the story about a lot of dogs, a lot of cats, a lot of lions, and a lot of China. I’m happy that the dogs apologized to Indy and their adventure was really hectic. Boy, little dragons are as bad a babies… and are worse because of the whole fire breathing thing. It was also fun to see the Chinese Dog team. ^_^ This is a fun read about about a baby dragon so if you want to read about a baby dragon and are tired of adults, read this one.

Recommend for all ages.

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