Book Review: Third Eye P.I. (Third Eye P.I.)

Book Title: Third Eye P.I. (Third Eye P.I.) snip20161014_26

Book Authors: Ravenna Young

Source: Was gifted by the author for an honest review

Rating: 4.5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

This is a story about a woman who went from horse racing to becoming a private investigator. However, something changed inside of her and she realized that some of her dreams are coming true. She has to work while hurting from a life event that changed everything for her, having an interest in several men, and learning a theory about the dreams from her father. Overall, an interesting take on paranormal in the P.I. business.

My only complain was that the beginning was so predictable and it took about forty pages to get past that predictable event. However, after she finally moved on and really started focusing on her job, the story got more interesting and less predictable, which was good.

It’s a nicely written novel and I will probably read book two. Mainly because I’m rooting for one of her love interests – her boss. Just saying.

This novel is for eighteen years of age and older due to language, sexual scenes, and adult ideas.


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