Book Review: Ring in the New Year

Book Title: Ring in the New Yearhol

(Amazon has a different cover)

Book Authors: Holly Tierney-Bedord

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

It’s the sequel to Right Under Your Nose. The review can be found here:

Book Review: Right Under Your Nose

The happy ending of the first novella, didn’t seem to be the ending to the romance between Ariadna and Jess. Before taking the leap for wearing a white dress, the couple had to get through an Unwanted Pregnancy, in other words – drama. There’s still hints of magic in the air. ^_^

I think the most shocking moment of the novella was Ariadna ordering the most expensive bottle of wine… I mean I understood why she did that, but it was a surprise. Her character got more complex then or more real.

The sequel is written nicely as the first and you don’t really have to read it, but it also has a happy ending so why not? But, the couple should really learn to trust to each other more.

I recommend it to sixteen of age and older.

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