Book Review: Reborn in Shadow (Shadow Walkers #3)

Book Title: Reborn in Shadow (Shadow Walkers #3) reborn

Book Authors: Cynthia Luhrs

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

It’s all about kilts, pirates, women, dogs, dragons, and more misfits happening in March. The story actually starts on my birthday, too bad that it wasn’t a happy beginning.

Now that I’ve read three books and a novella, I can honestly say that men are nothing without women by their side. 😉

Things got darker in this story though some light was shed on Hamish (which I was thankful for). I no longer hated him after reading about what really happened to his and Colin’s parents.

The gods are still up to no good. There’s a threat at the end of the book which gives us an idea of what happens in the next book. Some are reunited and some are lost. Oh and I want to try that wine opening trick!

I would recommend this to eighteen and over. Prepare to shed some tears.

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