Happy Thanksgiving to my followers and friends in the United States

To all of my followers, readers, friends, bloggers, and authors in the United States,

I hope that you’re as thankful as I am as I sit down around family and friends and enjoy a great meal together. I don’t eat turkey, but I did make a potato and meat pie. Have the cranberry sauce ready and the drinks ready to be opened. My husband will be cooking steak. The table will look pretty… I think.

Enjoy your family, friends and check in on some neighbors that may not have any family around and invite them over for a warm meal. If you’re still shopping for last minute turkey, then think about donating money to a food bank so those who don’t have anything can have a nice meal. I donated $5 for a dinner yesterday when I was buying the steak. You don’t even have to go out of your way to donate, it’s right when you’re at the register. Tis the day of giving and being thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that your time spent with your loved ones is something to remember!

-Angelina Kerner

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