The Gift of Short Story Month

Hi everyone,

This is the month when I’ll be posting my short stories for certain people of our community!

The first story will be posted sometime tomorrow for Quintessential Editor .

His request:
Genre: Dystopian Future
Idea: In a future society truth is valued more than any currency. So much so that when a baby is born a chip is implanted into their brain. This chip prevents the impulse to lie. This system has been in place long enough for everyone to be fitted with a chip. A solar flare from the sun disables all of the chips. However, there are no sparks or pain. They just simply switch off.

Title: Let there be Humor 

  • Main character: Female : Alice
  • Age: 24
  • Long hair, brown eyes glasses with added close up vision
  • Works at a lab
  • Lives with mother (no name) younger brother (no name or age)
  • Has a boyfriend – Riley
  • Word count: 2100


See you all tomorrow!

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