Hi everyone,

This is the month when I’ll be posting my short stories for certain people of our community!

The first story will be posted sometime tomorrow for Quintessential Editor .

His request:
Genre: Dystopian Future
Idea: In a future society truth is valued more than any currency. So much so that when a baby is born a chip is implanted into their brain. This chip prevents the impulse to lie. This system has been in place long enough for everyone to be fitted with a chip. A solar flare from the sun disables all of the chips. However, there are no sparks or pain. They just simply switch off.

Title: Let there be Humor 

  • Main character: Female : Alice
  • Age: 24
  • Long hair, brown eyes glasses with added close up vision
  • Works at a lab
  • Lives with mother (no name) younger brother (no name or age)
  • Has a boyfriend – Riley
  • Word count: 2100


See you all tomorrow!

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