Gift ideas for the Holidays

Here are the items that worked for me, well when gifting friends and family.



Teenagers love charms. Whether to add them to their phones, purses, or bags. A good way to get on their good side and not spend too much money.

stamps stamps

Believe it not, people still collect them and the Holiday season is the perfect opportunity to get some. You can gift them in envelopes. They’re light to send in package and save memories.


No, you’re not telling your family member or friend that they smell. You’re helping them get a better bath experience. I mean seriously, we all work long hours and a bath is just what the doctor ordered. It’s not scents, which people can be allergic to. It’s good quality brushes.


Something practical for a friend or family member. Small flashlights to carry in purses or cars can be a big help. You never know when you may need one.

journalJournal and pen Pen

A perfect combination to gift authors, writers, and students. That pen will not get lost because then you would lose your journal and that would be bad. Good on the go, accessible, and always ready for you to jot down ideas.


Get a large size and one doesn’t need to care too much. It’s a fun gift and one that leaves memories in photo prints. Make someone be a elf or Santa, take photos with them and enjoy the party. Cheese but fun.

SevenHours_BlackSeven Hours: Challenge Accepted

Get books by your favorite authors! Yes, that’s my book but I had self-promote somewhere on this post. 😉 People love books and many say that they prefer smelling the pages over Kindle or Kobo. Get a book by your favorite author for a friend or family member. You’ll have one more topic to talk about after the holidays. Plus, authors love connecting with their readers and so tell them to reach out. They may just get lucky and receive a response.

stress-reliefg Stress Relief

This is one of my favorites! Get this for those you know best. That scent for me at least, helps with forgetting about my hard day and just helps me relax. This is a good gift for moms!

All of those items, I have bought myself for people and recommend.

What gifts do you like giving?

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