Six Secrets of the World’s Most Successful Writers by Nina Amir (Inspiration to Creation Coach)

Hey everyone,

Today, I have attended a webinar, run by an writing coach Nina Amir. I have found her website through one of bloggers (a couple of months ago) and finally had the time to attend one of her online sessions.

Let me tell you: She embodies the 6 secrets 100%! And her energy was contagious.

Some things to know about Nina:

  • She is an 11 time Amazon bestselling author so she knows many secrets, probably more than just 6
  • She was also the first to blog a book and that should grab your attention right then and there
  • She’s a hybrid author, so she knows struggles from all angles and can be of a great help
  • She has a course coming up which you can attend and learn to become a better, more motivated and successful author.


Here’s some of the things that she made think about through the webinar. These are not secrets, just something that has to do with them.

  • Am I drinking enough water?
  • What words describe as an author?
    • I said: Ethnic mutt, creative, dancer
  • Am I really focused as an author?
    • rating scale from 1 to 10: 6
  • Am I good at spreading good influence?
    • Have I helped any of my readers and followers?
    • Did I achieve something?
      • maybe you guys can answer that one for me???
  • What’s my purpose of when it comes to writing?
    • I want to share the life lessons that I learned through my writing. I want to share the hidden worlds inside my mind with others.

Check this link out:

Thank you for reading. I know this is a different post from my usual posts, but hey everyone needs some diversity, once in a while. ^_^



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