Book Review: Murder at Mistletoe Manor

Book Title: Murder at Mistletoe Manor manor

Book Authors: Holly Tierney-Bedord

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

It’s a Christmas story and a CLUE story.

I don’t know how many people played the game, CLUE or watched the movie, but it’s a tradition for me to view the movie every Halloween and I have the game somewhere in the garage.

This story reminded me of the movie and the game. It’s about a hotel where 7 guests arrive and the guests start falling like flies. It doesn’t help that this is happening during a snow storm and the police have their hands fool.

I really liked the main characters. Well done and I wouldn’t mind reading more stories about the Mistletoe Manor.


I recommend it to sixteen of age and older and especially to those who love a good game of CLUE.

Also, I had two guesses about the murderer and I ended up being right! Just saying, but to most it would probably come as a shock, not sure.

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