Deity’s Soulmate goes on Tour in the Summer with RABT Book Tours!


Oh my stars! You guys will have to follow it!

If you guys remember, I talked about touring my novels in January. Well, I’m finally doing it with Deity’s Soulmate. Seven Hours will be going on tour, too, in the future so that’s coming to fruition.

I adore Cami. She’s been very professional and awesome. I highly recommend them. Check their website out here! Let them know that I recommended you ;). You really need to book a tour with them for your books!

Cami took care of everything for me! I just have to answer questions and remember to send out the ebooks for the giveaways. I’m super happy (which is why I decided to write this post at 10:45pm). The service is superb and Cami made it easy for me. I never done a tour before and was afraid to start, but with her help, I gained confidence and belief that bloggers would want to be part of the tour. There are still spots open!

Thank you to Cami and her team. I really appreciate all the hard work. Thank you for the signed up bloggers in advance. I can’t wait to work with you!

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