ARC Review: Cry Wolf (Silver Hollow #4)

Book Title: Cry Wolf (Silver Hollow #4) cry wolf

Release Date: May 23rd!!!!

Book Author: Leighann Dobbs and Tracy Douglass

Source: Won an ARC copy from the author! Whoo Hoooo!!!

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws


A mysterious death brings Deputy DeeDee Clawson to the scene of a movie being filmed at an old mansion in Silver Hollow. Tucker Rockwood, the star of the movie, is found dead, a stake through his heart. Lots of people might have wanted to kill Tucker, but when DeeDee’s investigation points in the direction of the movie’s producer, Caine Hunter, she thinks she has her man.

My Review: 


I love being right! (Not that I got it out of my system, onto the review.)

Our favorite characters are back and this time we get to learn more about DeeDee. For the first time ever, our favorite Quinn wasn’t at the crime scene, though our favorite cat made an appearance. It was weird at first and then I started laughing. That’s how good the beginning was and how it drew me in. A fast and entertaining read.

It was really nice to get inside DeeDee’s mind. So much well development as a character for the series. With this story, I started to emphasize with her, understand her more and her need for justice. We also learned more about the packs politics, how anyone has access to all movie props, and Caine Hunter. Caine Hunter was a surprise of a character and you guys will get it after you read the book (don’t want to spoil anything). I really loved the forest scene.

The best part is that the authors were able to have a good balance between the crime and the romance. Oh, we got more of the vampire, Ursula. You guys will smile when you see what role she had, besides being the examiner. I wish we did see more of Brimstone-that cat is still a mystery to me! How is that possible? We’re on book 4 and I still don’t know where he really came from!

I’m hoping the next book will be from the Gray’s point of view and him receiving some happiness. He’s been lonely for a long time and needs some love. Would be nice to see Cosmo again. Also, would be interesting on how the author would spin that story cause I have no clue on what she has in store for him. ^_^

I hope that I didn’t give anything away! I was like-  don’t talk about this and that. The book isn’t released yet.

This book is awesome and is my second favorite in the series so far! The first book still takes first place in my heart.

Enjoy reading the new installment when it comes out on May 23rd!

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