Book Review: My Beautiful Disaster (Part 2)

Book Title: My Beautiful Disaster (Part 2) part2

Book Author: J.D. Hughes

Source: Kindle Unlimited and I heard about it on Facebook

Rating: 4 Dragon Paws 4

Spoiler alert. Please don’t read the review unless you’re read the book.

For 18+. 

I really like the cover. It’s consistent with the first and I’m still very happy that he has his shirt on.

The second part to the story of Daniel and Sophia is good, long, but good.

We’re taken on a ride with part 2. Lots of secrets get finally revealed, forgiveness goes around (though not fully), and a big shock gets revealed- I’m not going to tell you who sent the threatening letters, but believe me when I say that you don’t see it coming!

I really liked Shane. He was a fantastic addition as he showed up way more in this second book. He really shined and I was really pissed off when he got killed. After analyzing the book, I realized that that’s the reason why I’m disappointed with the second book, but to fault the author with a low rating wouldn’t be right since the book is well written, has conflicts, and a range of complex characters. He really didn’t need to die, it didn’t help the story line. It would have been better to put him in a wheel chair because the scene of finding out who was behind the threatening letters was nice and have him live out in a lighthouse away from the bikers.

Also in my review, I said that I was going to watch The Proposal after finishing this book, but I ended up watching it the day I finished reading part 1. (Don’t hate me) hehe. I still love that movie!

This book ends on Sophia thinking about Gabriel and his story. A big hint that the story is being worked on and hopefully will be published soon. I want to read his story since I find his character to be interesting. I want to know his past and how he finds his future. Hopefully by being a man and not a sissy. (he acted like a sissy towards the end of the book).

This is a fun read for readers over 18. Lots of things going on and secrets left and right. Oh, there’s a cute dog in it, too.  The dog lives…if the dog didn’t live, you wouldn’t be reading a review.

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