Book Review: Crossing All Boundaries

Book Title: Crossing All Boundariescrossing

Book Author: Suzanne Nemec

Source: Bought

Rating: 4 Dragon Paws 4

This is a long sweet paranormal romance. Isn’t the cover beautiful?

It’s about how true love, love of soulmates could be stronger than high powers like high priestesses and or Merlin…or not. It’s very well edited and the language is easy to follow, though along with Jennifer you get to learn about gemstones and white light.

Suzanne does a good job bringing out the characters and their inner thoughts. Plus, though it’s a slow burning romance at the beginning and there is a lot of detail; all events still fall into place. My favorite character was Merlin, and hopefully there will be more of him in book 2.

I recommend this novel to those who like well developed characters and story lines. Liking metaphysical properties is a plus.

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