13th and 14th month of life- mother and author combo

He’s 14 months old!!! What a ride!

Let’s see, the past two months had been insane. I’ve been busy with noticing new things about him. House emergency is finally gone. I have my wall and floor back! It feels so good like Oh my Stars good. I have a new garage door and some of the electricity had been fixed.

Through all that stress level, my son is the best.

My son is better with food. Good for him. We’re still breastfeeding so he’s healthy (knock on wood). Although, he got sick for the first time last month after receiving shots. It was scary because doctor said to give Tylenol and I didn’t ask for how much because she didn’t specify the amount…well the bottle of Tylenol said to ask doctor on the dosage. It took some calls to get the dosage (took an hour) but we made it and had a check-up appointment because he had a fever for 3 days! He still likes Gerber’s little crunchies. It’s super cute. He takes one very carefully before eating. So, what I mean about better with food- he’s starting to eat homemade soups. We make him soups out of organic produce and at first he wasn’t a fan, but now he eats well, although I need to add some cartoon in the background but he eats! We also tried tomatoes, cucumbers, and bread. He loves bread just like his mommy. When I was baby, I could suck on a piece of bread for a long time.

Still co-sleeping, kind of hard to let him go. He’s also teething and had nightmares a couple of times so being close to him helped hitting away at the monsters. I’m one tired Mommy and eye drops are my best friends.

He still has 8 teeth, although a 9th is almost ready to make its appearance!

He’s walking! Sure, he falls a lot but he’s walking and he learned to climb onto the bed. Sometimes he bites into my leg to get himself up. It hurts but he’s so proud. ^_^ I received a backpack with a tail to hold on to from my best friend, Laura, so will be using it soon.

We still love climbing the stairs and added walls. He’s a little Spiderman!

Nursery Rhymes. We still like the American ones- especially the mouse and the clock. Although, nowadays we listen less to baby songs in English because I linked English songs to his nightmares so more of Russian cartoons are for us.

We were size of 18 months old! Size 12 is getting tight!

I just added more mom tips so you’ll see the next tip on Wednesday. After one year of experience, I can be sort of helpful to new moms out there. 😉

Last weekend, we went to a conference. My son loved the hotel room and instantly fell and hurt his chin. That didn’t stop him from exploring. The room had a closet with rolling doors and his favorite game was going around the doors and moving them back and forth. I asked the lady that was registering us to write a name tag for my son and she did. I pinned it to his stroller. Everyone loved him and one man said that his grandchild (girl) to be my son’s first girlfriend. LOL


Now onto me being an author/blogger.

My next novella is finished! 40k words! It went through a manuscript critique, my go to beta reader, and is now with my editor! After that it will go through my proofreader and will be given to a group of beta’s. If you would like to be my beta reader for my next novel, please let me know by commenting or sending me a message!

This novella is going to be the first of many in my new series. It’s about a witch forensic anthropologist and the cases that she deals with. Rewriting the book blurb.

I hired an illustrator and so far she drew two of my characters. She’s working on the next 5! She will also create 5 illustrations of photos that the witch looks at and I can’t wait to see those. She never did a cover before so I’m going to be testing waters and or maybe even have my sister do the cover again. We’ll see.

The idea behind this novella has been with me for years! About 4 to be exact and the story went through a minimum of 3 drafts with testing the waters. I bought non-fiction books, books on weapons, and read books about werewolves and romance, although at the end, the most help in that department came from Laura and Lily. So, a lot of time went into it and I hope that you guys will like it and ask for more!

I already talked with Shannon about the book tour. We’re planning to add posts revealing character illustrations as well! I also forgot to mention to her that we will also be doing a cover reveal and the trailer reveal…haha

Until next time,


P.S.: Please leave reviews of my books and novels on Amazon, Goodreads, and on your blogs. I love reading all the reviews that I get!

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