Something new coming soon!

Good news to my readers, friends, and fans!

I have finished my next book project. It turned out to be a novella, but I love it, anyway!

Here’s a possible book blurb. Tell me how much you love it!


Television Lied.

Being a witch isn’t as cool “as seen on TV.” Twitching my nose doesn’t change my outfit and snapping my fingers doesn’t transport me to a magical witch realm.
What did it get right then?

The fact that you have to hide your identity and uniqueness from the people that you love. It’s painful lying to your best friend.

It’s not all bad. My days as a forensic anthropologist are quiet. Well, they were. The day she landed on my cold slab was the day my peaceful life was turned upside down. Now, I have to delve back into the a world that I thought I had left behind.


Who’s excited with me???

Anyway, at the moment it’s being edited and going to be proofread. Then, I have beta’s reading it and then I’ll be doing a book tour! I need to contact Shannon, haha

The only real problem I’m having is with the book cover. I have no idea what I want it to look like!!!

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