Book Review: Mer-Charmer

Book Title: Mer-Charmeramy2

Book Author: Amy Bearce

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

I didn’t know what to expect with book 2 which was part of the fun. This is about Sierra’s sister. Sierra is a fairy keeper and Phoebe feels jealous that she was dealt the card without magic. However, things change for her after she turns 14. This book is happening 4 years after the end of Sierra’s story and it was very beautifully written. I loved the scenery of the sea and the emotions that all characters have depicted.

I’m actually a little jealous because I’m working on my own ocean scenery on my head and will probably not get to that level of beauty….lol

Anyway, Phoebe is much older than 14 – emotionally because of what happened to her in the past and because of what took for her to be healed. I can also see why Phoebe is Amy’s favorite character. 😉

One question for Amy, though. What emotion can create a mer tear? I don’t think that was ever explained.

For readers 14+.

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