Kick off to Foster an Author week 2018!!

Please read our short story…. it has a little bit about each of us – Mellissa, Kelly, and me! Tell us what you think and share, share, share!


Hello!!! and Welcome to Foster an Author week 2018!!

We have some wonderful things planned for you this week! Angelina, Kelly and I have had a blast working hard to promote them as authors and me as a blogger! This week you’ll get a chance to see some of their work, see what projects they have coming up next and learn more about them as authors and people. I’m so excited for you to meet them! One of the things we started working on together was a short story! We all chipped in and added something to the story and I gotta say it was a whole lot of fun!

How much does it cost_

A blogger and two authors are sitting in a restaurant

A grunt escaped a woman’s lips as she stared at her computer screen. She shook her redhead self, took a sip of her wine… a big one and looked through…

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