Foster an Author: Interview Questions ~part one~

It was so fun rereading my answers to the interview! And, I adored Kelly’s.

This is part 1 of the Author Interview, part 2 will be on Thursday. Stay tuned.

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Hi!! How is everyone doing? I hope you enjoyed our little story yesterday. Last week I sent 20 questions to both Angelina and Kelly and asked them to answer 10 of them for me. I told the these amazing ladies I would post 5 Tuesday and 5 on Thursday. Here’s part one….

How much does it cost_


Q: What was your favorite book as a child?

The Three Little Pigs. My mother told me that every time she read it to me, my response would be, “Bad pigs! Don’t they know that he’s hungry?” Conclusion = Wolf is good and pigs are bad.

Q: Did you always want to write?

No. It started in high school. The English teacher had us go around the school library and had us look around for a book to read for class. We could choose anything…and I mean anything… as long as we read it and wrote a report about it…

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