Spotlight Interview: Follow The Snowflakes

Another interview. I love interviews, don’t you? It’s short and sweet but holds a lot of heart from both parties of the interview. ^_^

I hope the holiday season will be amazing for all of you!

The Babbling Bard

Yesterday I reviewed a story, Follow The Snowflakes, and I couldn’t read her work without asking her a few questions. Below our interview is info about her book, be sure to check it out after!

Me: So i’ve known you for awhile, but for some of my readers it may be the first time they are hearing your name. Who is Angelina Kerner, what kind of author would you regard yourself as?

Angelina: Angelina Kerner is a paranormal romance author who on occasion writes sappy contemporary fiction. She loves dragons and the idea of soul mates so you’ll find those elements in her writing.

Me: What was the inspiration for this story? Was it personal or just something to keep your quill flowing?

Angelina: I really wanted to write a Christmas story so I did. It’s also a holiday tradition to watch Hallmark movies so guess those movies helped inspire…

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