Foster An Author: Book Excerpts!

Excerpts! Love them, especially if they grab your attention. They give a small glimpse into the world that an author has created for you.

Just think – an author has worked from minimum maybe 2 weeks to 5 or so years on one book. She took the time to write down character characteristics – hobbies, colors, allergies. She spent money on books for research (maybe) or at least read some articles. She searched for editors until she found the perfect one and before editors, she asked for manuscript critique and beta readers and everything. Then, she got a proofreaders….you’d be surprised some things proofreaders find. While all of that is happening, she’s thinking about the perfect cover, a book blurb, and marketing strategies….that’s a lot of stuff in the background!

So after all that, an author shares that excerpt. The one that has been read by critique rs, editors, proofreaders and beta’s. It’s the excerpt that shows their talent or shows a favorite scene without giving away any spoilers… which is by the way is hard to do.

A thank you to you, the reader, for taking the time to read two excerpts today from two authors. A thank you for allowing their books to entertain you and for giving them a chance to show you their author hearts. Thank you so much!

-Angelina Kerner


Ok so here we go as promised on Friday Book Excerpts!! 🙂

How much does it cost_

Kelly Duggan

Can’t Fix Crazy


Genre – Women’s Fiction/ Psychological Suspense

You know those people? You do. We all know someone like it. Those people that aren’t happy unless there is drama in their lives. Unless everyone’s attention and focus is completely and undividedly on them. The ones you roll your eyes at because they’re so obvious, so annoyingly transparent and clearly lacking some desperately needed honesty in their lives.
Yep. Those people.
But, what happens when the unreality becomes startlingly real?
What happens when you realize that you are one of them?
Compulsive liar. Check
Sympathy whore. Check
Drowning in disillusion. Double check.
I say I’m dying. They say I’m lying.
I say I’m innocent. They say otherwise.
Like the little boy that cried wolf, I’m no longer believed.
But just like the lessons learned from…

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