Book Review: Curvy Diversion

Book Title: Curvy Diversion: A Curvy Girl Friends to Lovers Romance (Curvy Love Book 1) curvy

Book Author: Aidy Award

Rating: 4 Dragon Paws 4

This is a contemporary fiction novel with a curvy main character. I wanted to read a book where the main girl wasn’t a size 2 or 4 and this was it. Danica is a Dominatrix and from what I understood, that life style started with wanting to be in control and not feel bad about her curves. It sounded like her lifestyle wasn’t all that and she was lonely inside. Grant is her best friend and very interested in her and she didn’t know it, wait for it, for 10 years. The way they got together was in a scary situation with lots of tension. This is a good book for those who like reading steamy books. I’m also wondering if the book have been more eye catchy with her on the cover? Hmmm thoughts. Goodreads has a girl on the cover…

I recommend this book to any who love to read about different type of characters. For 18+. Mature language and sexual scenes.

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