Hidden #truths in #fiction #writing #example

There are always some little truths in fiction books or else all fiction books would be science fiction… although in a way that’s true. In fiction books, we add a little romance and I’m not talking about just infatuation between characters but how we make characters almost perfect. Yes, we give them flaws to make them interesting but we also give them a chance to learn. Not all of us learn our lessons like our characters and other people could find very different solutions to those flaws, however, we shouldn’t stop trying. We need to romanticize our fiction selves because that’s what we would rather read.

We also romanticize our flaws, sometimes. Nowadays, I’m seeing in books, more curvy characters with funny quarks. It’s great. Curvy women or men need some fun plus it’s more realistic.

To romanticize like this is good. It’s all positive things. I have problems with the negativity in fiction books or to put it better, the negative events that are turned into positive ones. Those could in fact make some readers mad, especially if they had gone through it. One example is the sex games of role play where the couple pretends to be a victim and a robber.

Those happen in real life and in fiction…as I said there are some truths in fiction writing. However, people who play those games never had actual robbers appear in their homes. The goal of the robber is to steal and make sure not to leave witnesses, and if sex is involved, the victim is not a willing participant. An event like a robbery can steal voices of kids. It could leave forever images in the victims. Anything small can trigger those images to the surface. Feelings can resurface… not good ones. One reason why I like reading happy books is because they don’t hold strong triggers…most don’t.

Keeping to the example, when authors write robbery scenes, it’s either from their minds or experiences. To romanticize something like that in a sexual manner that is good for the victim is an insult. Of course, that is from my perspective. You’re free to let me know otherwise. Sex games are healthy for relationships, but not all of them are needed.

What’s the point of all this talk of fiction and truths – it’s the realism or as close as we can get to the events in books to be possible in one way or another. Details are key. We want our minds to travel different worlds which is why we read and watch movies. We want to escape but we also want to be connected to the characters. We want some aspects of realism. Even if we do love some sexy werewolves and witches, we want them to be teachers or forensic anthropologists. Some realism.

Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t.

When you read books, keep in mind that the author may put some truths into them. It could be theirs, it could be their friends or it could be a strangers. Anything is possible.

Gives one a perspective, right?





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