Book Review: Ella Dethroned 

Book Title: Ella Dethroned ella

Book Author: Brandon Barr

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5-paws

I read this book because it was chosen in my Facebook book club group. Our leader chose well. Tamara chose this book because of another author who heard that Brandon, the author has recently lost his battle to cancer and passed away, leaving behind a family. A great thing and an amazing way to choose a book for the month. The world will miss such a talent. I really loved the book. Get this novella and Brandon’s other books.

The cover is gorgeous! I love how the light is placed around Ella. It has an other world feel to it. It’s a fast read with great characters. Ella is running for her life after being dethroned, but she’s not running just to escape but to complete a mission for the gods. Attention grabbing right there.

Tamara through this month asked questions about the story which really made me think. If I could turn into an animal it would be a wolf. There’s shapeshifting in this story. She also made us wonder about a character’s devotion and motivation which helped me like the book even more. Usually, I don’t really think about those when reviewing a book so this helped me gain a perspective for my future reviews. I really liked Rathan’s devotion to Ella.

Recommended for teens and older.

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